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J. Pitblado Law Office serves the practice areas of provincial, criminal and employment offences. Jonathan utilises  his 22+ years of experience to ensure that each case is handled calmly and efficiently.

Jonathan covers all aspects of employment law for the private sector acting for employer and employee clients. With more than 22 years trial experience our firm has substantial expertise in wrongful dismissal and work on a wide array of issues in this area. Our law office provides advice and counsel to employers and employees facing the changing job markets of the twenty-first century. We emphasize practical approaches designed to make the best of any situation. When settlement is impossible, we act decisively to protect your rights in Court and before the many Boards and Tribunals which deal with employment issues.

We handle DUI, pot possession and shoplifting cases and other similar cases for individuals who are truly first offenders of any age trying to fix a mistake. We do not act for career criminals, but instead citizens without a prior record. Since we represent these kind of offenders, we find that we, and our clients, get treated extremely well by the judges and prosecutors in Southwestern Ontario.

We handle serious provincial offence matters such as careless driving and racing. We also handle commercial lawsuits and have been successfully reported in the Canadian Cases on Construction Law, and the Canadian Real Property Reports. Our Criminal defense clients’ backgrounds are generally individuals with strong community connections who suddenly find they are in a bad spot. For more information contact the Law Office of Jonathan Pitblado.

A friendly environment is key for our firm, so Jonathan’s wife serves as his law clerk and our office is a relaxed environment where you will feel comfortable. For more information contact J Pitblado Law Office to book your initial consultation.