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You can trust Jonathan’s expertise in provincial offences.

Clients have been hiring Jonathan to deal with serious offences for over 22 years.

One of the most common provincial offences are Highway Traffic Act offences.  These offences can be solved with Jonathan’s calm and knowledgeable approach. Let us deal with these most serious offences and help your case.

Not only does our firm handle Highway Traffic Act offences, but Jonathan also has a great track record of beating careless driving charges all across Ontario.

Racing is another serious Highway Traffic Act charge. Jonathan was able to win, over a three day trial, a case involving a motorcycle driver alleged to have been driving 260km an hour on an 80km road. This is just one of many challenging cases Jonathan has handled in his long career.

There are many other serious provincial offences lurking out there- including offences under the Environmental Protection Act. Those types of charges tend to be laid against gas station owners or repair garage owners or drycleaners. Jonathan has the skill and knowledge to solve these variety of cases as well. Let Jonathan help solve your case, whether it is a Highway Traffic Offence or an Environmental Protection Act violation, or anything in between, or maybe it is an Employment or Criminal Charge. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.