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A consultation with an experienced lawyer may save you thousands of dollars down the road. We can determine what your needs are and how I can meet the needs of your unique case. Not sure if our consultations are what you are looking for? Click on the testimonial page to view comments from previous clients that have used our consultation services to see why we could be the right fit for your needs.

For the first 1/2 hour of initial consultation to Employee Relations Clients, we can discuss your situation, free! In this time, we can understand what your case entails and how the process would look for you, as a client. After the initial consultation, we work on an hourly basis at the cost of $280 per hour for Jonathan’s time. We also provide required services depending on your case and situation. We take the time to assess the needs of each client and make sure that you have access to the tools you need. After your first meeting with Jonathan, we ensure you know what the next steps are by explaining the cost of a consultation  in advance so you understand all terms of the consultation agreement. We want to solve your case promptly, sensibly, and sensitively. Contact us today to discuss setting up your initial consultation with Jonathan.